The Effects On Living


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When reading  do you ...          


Place book on lap/shade eyes to help eliminate glare?
Skip or reread lines or words?
Lose your place?
Use finger as a marker?
Misread words?
Have poor reading comprehension?
Notice that your reading deteriorates the longer you read?      
Lack concentration?
Have problems tracking?
Avoid reading?
Prefer reading in dim light?
Move around trying to find a comfortable place to read?

Experience the disappearance of print?
Blink a lot?
Open eyes wide?
Rub your eyes?
State reading is too hard?
Blink and squint excessively?
Appear hyperactive when reading? 
Complain while or after reading?
Suffer from headaches or nausea?
Notice that the page seems too bright?
Complain of eyestrain, red or watery eyes?
Strain to see a computer screen?



When writing do you...


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Have problems writing on  lines                                                  
Write with unequal spacing?
Make mistakes when copying?
Spell the same word inconsistently?
Ask someone to check your work for accuracy?


Misalign numbers in columns?
Have difficulty learning tables? 

Have difficulty reading music?
Play by memorising?  












Depth perception/gross motor skills...

Do you?     
Have problem catching a ball?
Difficulty judging distances?
Problems balancing?
Feel unsafe or dizzy using escalators and stairs?
Drive with extreme caution, especially at night?                                         

Are You?
Clumsy and un-coordinated?


   Parental permission obtained  

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