Filters Changed My Life


Dear Helen Irlen 

I would like to take the time to thank you and to show you my gratitude
for inventing the Irlen method. Your Irlen Spectral Filters for my glasses have made
more that a world of difference for me and have given me a whole new lease on life
altogether. Before I was diagnosed and treated with Irlen Syndrome I had an extremely difficult
and complicated life.  During my childhood I suffered from medical problems such as ADHD,
epileptic seizures and dyslexia, which caused severe earning difficulties in the classrooms.
I was extremely hyperactive, unfocused, had poor social skills and had a hard time making
friends in grade school and getting good grades.

By the time I was fourteen years old I had a life changing experience, this altered my reality
quite drastically for the next twenty-two yearsof my life.  It was as if I woke up one morning
and my whole world was turned upside down, as if I was stuck in a surreal dream that I could
not wake up from.I felt extremely groggy, my physical senses had greatly diminished and light
seemed a whole lot dimmer.  I didn’t understand what was going on with me but it felt like I
was not even alive anymore and I seemed to be detached from myself and from reality.  Almost
as if I had become a living soul inhabiting a dead body, much like an  undead creature you
would read about in fictional horror stories.  click for a full version of his report

  Reconstruction photo of Chris Abdouch's world before filters Chris Abdouch  


Account by Chris Abdouch

Chris Cooke is a 34 year old accountant working in London and living in Folkestone with his
wife (me) and one yearold daughter. Chris has been wearing his filters for over a year now
and they are part of every day life, though you would never catch him without his filters
on, even going to the toilet in the middle of the night!  So how did it all happen? Well, it
all came to a head the day before Christmas Eve, 2006, driving to my parents house to drop
off Christmas presents, me singing away to the radio and I turned to see Chris in the
passenger seat looking sad and upset. I stopped singing and asked what was wrong and he said
he couldn't cope any more. “What do you mean” I asked and then he explained.  Chris felt the
world was coming at him, everything kept moving, he was feeling sick and hated going to unfamiliar
places, especially if they had bright lights.  A week after this, having talked over and over
about what was happening we started looking on the internet and researching Chris' symptoms.
As Chris has Aspergers Syndrome we started there, but could only find support and help for
children. He then came across Irlen Syndrome. Chris went through the check list and had almost
every single one of the symptoms suggested, could be a sign of Irlen so we rang the doctors.
Two days later Chris got an appointment and we discussed what we had found. The doctors did not
recognise Irlen Syndrome and although he looked it up on the internet while we were there, could
not help........ here for the full version of his report

Account by Chris Cooke 


Feedback for website later I thought i just had to share the fantastic news about my other daughter Emma who i said to you has fitted for the last year, when you were screening Carla and myself. She has at last received her glasses yesterday and she cant believe what she has been missing out on, buildings have straight sides now she said and the different tones in colours, she has already gained confidence. We went to the cinema no problems and all the sunshine she has not had a fit at all.. I am so pleased for her and i think this is definitely a great cause you and the other members are working towards as already mentioned let me know if i can be of help. Even rob my( husband ) who was very sceptical is shocked the difference these have made. yours faithfully chris
or maybe this one. I have to sort the website out when i get chance. He could only reinstate it from a certain date. Think this is the one you want
I have had my Irlen glasses now for three years. I have eight colours and a UV in my filters. I have been able to read longer, been able to see the colours more clearly as I am red and green colour blind. Moreover, I don’t see swirls and wiggly lines when I’m reading anymore with my filters on, so this helps me to read longer and quicker than I would without them on. I’m also able to concentrate more on my work and other things I do. Additionally I used to find it hard when going up and down the stairs and escalators because all I could see was a slope not steps. I hated going to shopping centres because of the lighting they used was too bright as I used to get really tired and agitated afterwards. Mum noticed my mood would change. Now I love going to the shops as I sometimes go with my friends. Some of the new things I have discovered since having my Irlen filters are: I can see walls straighter instead of seeing them wonky. Furthermore, I feel a lot more confident and calmer in different environments and also doing things. I don’t have non-epileptic fits anymore as I got diagnosed with generalized anxiety. Three years ago I was lucky if I had two full weeks in school. This year when I was in year 11 I had 100% attendance each term unless I was off because I was ill. This year I have also achieved 5-a*-c’s at GCSE including English and maths,2 D-G grades and 1 AS level at merit at grade B. if I hadn’t have had my Irlen filters I wouldn’t have been able to achieve as well as I have this year. I got accepted to college and I’m now doing my National Diploma in Graphic design, hopefully I will go to university with the qualifications I will gain. I play golf and with my Irlen filters it helps me to be a better player. This year I went in a competition which was called’’ the national skills for golf’’. Where we had to play five parts of the game of golf, which included bunker play, putting and pitching. I qualified for the national south east region skills finals at Chesterfield Downs golf course in Herefordshire. I was one of just three girls to qualify in my category (15-17 years). I’m proud of what I have achieved this year and without my Irlen glasses I don’t know where I would be now.

Account from Emma


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