Your Questions Answered

Can anyone request a screening?
Yes,whilst we are primarily a children's charity, we will screen adults on request.


Will I have to pay for my childs screening? 
Reading By Colour offer screening at a much discounted rate(based on the recommended fee for a trained screener). In some circumstances this will ve be waivered.


What is the charity made up of?
We are an independant charity run by unpaid volunteers holding current CRB disclosures. Not all of our members screen, some help with administration, photography, raffles etc.


How long will we have to wait to be screened?
This is dependant on screener's availability, we usually screen within a couple of weeks of request and currently have no waiting list for this service.


Are you trained opticians ?
We are not an opticans, nor are any of our screeners opthometrists, we do not carry out sight testing, nothing can replace that. Infact we expect a current eye examination to have taken place before we carry out the Irlen screening. 


What qualifications do the charity hold?
We have four fully trained screeners (certification available to view on request).  The charity has been screening for over fifteen years. We are also to have a trained diaagnostician, Jean Felton from Jersey who advises and supports.

Are you employed by local authorites?
No, The charity is independant of KCC or any other schools, but  we are happy to screen children at school if requested by the school Senco. The charity has been involved in group screenings and individual screenings.         


Can you recommend any sites for me to research Irlen syndrome?
Yes, there has been extensive research carried out, peruse for yourself.



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