Our Efforts

Thanks for the following funding and support:     


   By Ryan C M Photos - Harry and Bobby Orr  Ellesmere to Hythe (with sponsorship and 5 donated sets of filters from Helen Irlen)  




   Boxing Day Dip 2008  Folkestone Sands  Mary and Brian  


Steve Thornton - donation of  the time and expertise to set up the website for the charity to maintain. Ongoing advise and support. For saving our bacon and fixing the website when it was hacked.
Precious time and expertise given by qualified screeners and committee        
Pilar Reyes for graphic design and many donated extras
Ryan, Karla, LInda, and Rosie for their photographic contributions 


Folkestone Municipal Charity

Believing In Folkestone

De Haan Charitable Trust

Children's Fund

Kent Constabulary

Rotary Club

Lions Club


Grand Burstin Hotel

Pets at Home

Homewood Electricals


Scout Group (Dartford)

Refund from Gift Aid

Donations From Screenings



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