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Advice and Screening
Screening services are carried out by trained screeners. Discounted price * significantly less than recommended screener charges. Special exemptions may apply.
Currently we have four fully trained screeners linked to the charity
We all work on a voluntary basis and receive no salary.
Screeners have been crb checked
We are experienced and qualified to detect the signs of Irlen syndrome.
Any donations received funds further assessment and Irlen spectral filters.

As a charity we can arrange screening to determine whether they have Irlen Syndrome. Parents/carers can self refer. Referrals are also received from schools. We are actively seeking to work alongside agencies such as occupational therapists,  social services,  and health and community groups by a programme of awareness raising through publicity and personal visits.

We will...
Create common language i.e the normal perception. “what others see”
Identify those with Irlen Syndrome
Discuss the severity of the symptoms
Offer information and advice about the next steps should you wish to continue with assessments process
Supply you with an Irlen overlay form if required.

If you would like us to send an electronic copy of the Reading By Colour Irlen Guide order your copy now 

Should there be genuine financial hardship we can supply a Reading By Colour funding application form, as well as offering advice on other possible ways of obtaining alternative funding.

We discuss all applications (children only) at our committee meetings - held quarterly.  Speed of acceptance is determined on, funds available to us, and current back-log of children waiting.  We reserve the right (the committee) to turn down applications. Parent/carers will be informed of our decision whatever it is.


  Thanks to the Irlen Centre South-East for the photograph  


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