The Members

We donate our time as and when we are able to. We are CRB checked.

We would like to thank Jackie and Steve Barnett for all their hard work and their long service as Secretaries of the charity.


Rachal Jenner, support and fundraising


Chairperson - Child Protection Officer
Mary Paterson  - Mary is a certified senior irlen screener,recently updated her certification. She joined the charity in 2004 She has been  She is involved in promotion and fundraising throughout. Mary has a lot of experience in funding application. Also a trained screener Mary has visited schools and screened at  the school where she the SENCo. 

Treasurer- Charity Co-ordinator
Janet Edwards - Janet is a certified senior Irlen screener and has been a member of the charity for over twelve years, joining the charity following media coverage on ITV.  Janet has recently updated her Irlen certification.


Committee Members

Jane Beasley- Certified Irlen screener (recently updated)
Karla Blomquist - Certified Irlen screener, (recently updated)

Lorna  Button - Support and fundraising
Helen Tucker - Support to the charity, fundraiser

Elly Scott- Charity promotor

Kate Nicholas- fundraiser


Jean Felton- Charity advisor and Irlen diagnostician Jersey

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