Our Goals




Helping children reach their full potential by......
Raising awareness of Irlen Syndrome.
Identifying and screening.
Helping to provide funding for children in Kent, who, for financial reasons are unable to obtain treatment. 

We organise and provide.....
Screening for Irlen Syndrome for individual children
Information on Irlen syndrome
Open days or evenings to raise awareness and provide screenings
Conferences to raise awareness of I.S. and related difficulties
Four meetings


    You can help by...
Organising or helping with fundraising in your area or at a county event
By offering your time for screenings as requests arise
By taking part in open evenings run by the charity
Carrying out screenings in your area and donating part or all of the screening fee to us.
Suggesting parents might like to donate to the charity, providing and asking them to fill out a gift aid form
  Open day at Dymchurch  



  Skillsday at the Leas Folkestone   

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